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We understand that, after the celebrations of graduation are over, new alumni face a set of new and unique challenges - the prospects of the workforce, financial pressures, social changes, etc. And we understand that we can continue to support our recent alumni in various ways to help them through this transition. ThriveRU programming provides training and resources to Ryerson students and recent alumni to help develop capacities for thriving in a professional and personal context. Recent alumni can access workshops associated with resilience, well-being, coping with employment search, and other elements of leading a healthy lifestyle.

At the heart of ThriveRU is the understanding that 40% of our happiness is up to us, 50% is genetic, and 10% is at the hands of life circumstances. This means that you can take greater charge of your life satisfaction by simply changing what you do and think

Recent alumni can participate in ThriveRU programming through the ConnectRU portal, opens in new window.

Stand-alone workshops are available through LevelUp. Find workshops and register here. 


Workshop topics include: 

  1. Let Your Strengths Inspire You 
  2. Changing Habits 
  3. Balancing Work and Play 
  4. Flow - Achieving Your Optimal Performance
  5. Getting the Sleep you Need
  6. Growth Mindset


Each of these are stand-alone workshops. You are welcome to attend all four or any one of these workshops based on interest.

The 4 session series on optimism, gratitude, self-compassion, and grit is offered through LevelUp. 

You can start anytime, but it is best to take all 4 sessions to get a full understanding of how to bounce back when things go wrong.