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Resilience Training for Faculty & Staff

Students engaged in conversation with Ryerson International staff

ThriveRU sessions and events support staff and faculty in cultivating resilience in their students, as well as in their own lives. At the heart of ThriveRU is the understanding that while 50% of our happiness is genetic, and 10% is at the hands of life circumstances, 40% is up to us. In other words, by shifting what we do and think, we can uplift our happiness set point. And a crucial component of our happiness is our ability to bounce back in the face of life’s hurdles and setbacks. 

Through ThriveRU’s various offerings, including guest lectures, single workshops, and multi-session training sessions, faculty and staff can learn--for themselves and for their students--how mindfulness, gratitude, optimism, self-compassion, and grit combine to build resilience.

ThriveRU Lectures and Training Topics include these one hour workshops:

  • Introduction to Resilience
  • Four session Resilience Training  (one hour for each session)
  • Playing to your Strengths (Character Strengths)
  • Growth Mindset in the classroom
  • Finding Flow: Engagement at Work
  • Week by week facilitated Cultivate your Happiness Workbook exercises
  • Developing a Flourishing Relationship with your supervisees
  • Giving Feedback in Service of Resilience
  • Writing for Wellness
  • more by request!

Contact Dr. Diana Brecher for more information about how to arrange for her to design a lecture for your class. Stand-alone workshops specifically for staff are also available.

Indigenous Graduate Education

Refer a Student

Thriving in Action is a semester-long, non-credit program for students in their second undergraduate year through graduate pursuits who self-identify as ‘not doing very well.’ Our unique program blends Positive Psychology essentials like grit, gratitude, and mindfulness, along with progressive learning strategies to hone time management, note-taking, studying, and essay-writing skills. If you’d like to refer a student to the program, contact

Faculty and Staff Guide

Faculty and Staff Guide

Wondering how to reach languishing students? Curious to learn innovative, skill-focused, research-based interventions to support students who identify as marginalized, First Gen, mature, living with disabilities, seeking counselling services and/or on academic probation? 

Thriving in Action (TiA) offers an equity-guided, scalable, flexible, recreatable, and group-based model to reach struggling students, prevent distress, bolster self-efficacy, and support persistence. The TiA curriculum blends thriving and learning skills, including mindfulness and time management, gratitude and group work, self-compassion, and studying. TiA aims to deepen belongingness, empower agency, restore focus, and foster confidence. TiA students are taught tools to flourish academically and personally.

In our training institute, you will walk away with the entire curriculum, rich resources, tips for implementation, and a rekindled connection to your own resilience. We will also share several TiA-related research projects underway and hear how other educators implement TiA at their campuses. So whether you attend for the full session or a day or two, you will leave feeling bolstered in your work and wisdom and connected to this flourishing project and community that is itself flourishing.

For more information about future sessions, please contact

Register for all 4 sessions (staff and faculty)

  1. Gratitude 
  2. Optimism 
  3. Self-compassion 
  4. Grit

You can also request the 4 Session Resilience Training for your department directly, by contacting Diana Brecher at

Register for Writing for Wellness through Ryerson Human Resources, Workshops for Employees

Writing for Wellness is a series of four sessions that invites participants to discover their capacity for reflection and insight.  All sessions are open, attendance at prior sessions is not required. Each session integrates elements of positive psychology, phenomenology of writing, mindfulness, self-compassion, optimism, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and holistic development in order to demonstrate specific ways to replace stress with resilience. Co-facilitated by Diana Brecher and Natalya Androsova.

If you’re a staff or faculty member working with a student and are concerned about their academic performance, dwindling attendance, or disengagement, see “Thriving in Action” above (Resilience Training for Students) to learn about a program you can refer students to.