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Harald Bauder sees the value of family

Quote from Harald Bauder: My research helps newcomers to Canada become vital and contributing members to the country they now call home

Harald Bauder wants to change the way we look at family. We often view immigration on an individual level, but when we change lenses, we see that immigration is a family affair. In this team-project lead by Bauder in collaboration with John Shields and partners from the Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement, the focus is on the crucial role that family plays in the immigration and settlement experience in Canada.

By researching the immigrant experience and how to support them and their families, newcomers have a better chance of integrating successfully and going on to be vital, contributing members of Canadian society. With more than 300,000 people immigrating to Canada every year, our country is a nation of immigrants. Newcomers bring a wealth of human capital and are vital in diversifying our culture, economy and expanding our workforce. Without immigration, our labour market would be shrinking.

When we focus on the family, we can begin to improve Canada’s immigration system and transform the way new Canadians settle into their new home. When people feel welcome, wanted, and supported, they have a better chance of integrating, thriving and becoming contributing members of society.

Harald Bauder
Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Arts
Program Director, Immigration and Settlement Studies (MA)
Founding Academic Director, Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement