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John Shields sees the value of opportunity

Quote from John Shields: My research helps newcomers to Canada become vital and contributing members to the country they now call home

John Shields is working to strengthen the opportunities that newcomers to Canada are given when they arrive in their new home. In a collaborative project with Harald Bauder and other partners through the Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement, Shields focuses on the settlement experience for families and the role non-profit agencies play in providing services for immigrants.

Shields’ research takes a look at immigrants in the labour market and some of the struggles they face. Entering the labour force is a critical and crucial step for newcomers to Canada, and with the right supports in place, immigrants have a better chance of integrating successfully and becoming contributing members of Canadian society. With more than 300,000 people immigrating to Canada every year, our country is a nation of immigrants. Newcomers bring a wealth of human capital and are vital in diversifying our culture, economy and expanding our workforce. Without immigration, our labour market would be shrinking.

Shields’ goal is to foster immigration research with the hopes of influencing policy in Canada. When people feel welcome, wanted, and supported, they have a better chance of integrating, thriving and becoming contributing members of society — transforming the way new Canadians settle into their new home.

John Shields
Professor, Politics and Public Administration, Faculty of Arts
CERIS Senior Scholar