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Usha George sees a brighter tomorrow

Quote from Usha George: My colleagues and I are helping newcomers to Canada become vital and contributing members to their new country

Usha George knows that immigration is a global issue and Canada is a role model. The research she and her colleagues are doing within the Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement looks at all stages of the immigrant experience — examining policies and programs to ensure newcomers have the supports they need to settle and become contributing members to Canadian society.

Usha’s research delves into the notion of Canadian citizenship and how becoming a citizen changes an immigrant’s identity, rights, responsibilities and contribution to Canadian life. With more than 300,000 people immigrating to Canada every year, our country is a nation of immigrants and our economy depends on their successful integration. Newcomers bring a wealth of human capital and are vital in diversifying our culture, economy and expanding our workforce. Without immigration, our labour market would be shrinking.

When newcomers to Canada are given the supports they need, they’re more likely to have a sense of belonging and integrate more successfully into Canadian life – transforming the future for themselves and everyone else in Canada.

Usha George
Professor, Social Work, Faculty of Community Services
Director, Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement