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Music Den

The Music Den is a hub for Toronto’s music community. The Den’s resources and programming bring together entrepreneurs, students and industry veterans in an effort to build Canada’s next great music companies. This is an exciting time for music in Toronto, and the Music Den is at the forefront of it.

Music Den

Program Requirements

The Music Den is looking for projects that exhibit the following criteria:

  • Focused on solving a real issue (creative, economic or social) in the music industry

  • Have an innovative approach to a component part of the music business, e.g. content creation, content management, audience engagement, publishing, distribution
  • Ideally have a working prototype of their solution (at a minimum) that is ready-to-launch or nearly so
  • Be able to demonstrate some evidence of unmet need in the market or marketability of their solution
  • Have the potential to grow and scale their company to achieve high impact. Have a “lean canvas” business model and an effective pitch deck
  • Have a leadership team comprised of driven, coachable and collaborative people with some expertise in the area of focus