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Radical Gossip

For BIPOC. By BIPOC. Radical Gossip is a Vodcast that exists to hold critical chats about the world we live in and how we move through it, in a safe space, as three zesty zoomers!

We take two topics, discuss their intersection and have in-depth conversations. Our episodes range from “Image x Marginalization” where discussions surrounded neoliberalism and corporation as well as tokenism and slacktivism to even “Technology x Relationships” where we look at dating apps, being in the closet and the online vs IRL. On Radical Gossip, we intentionally use this “academic” terminology conversationally and in an accessible way so viewers and listeners are able to understand and enjoy our conversation.

As artists, community builders and advocates, we gossip with like-minded guests and listeners. We combine research with lived experiences to create conversations on our own terms. Whether it's social justice or introspection we recognize that the political is personal.

So here we are. Sipping tea and talking shit. But it’s for the revolution.

Founder: Desirée Green

raddical gossip