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Ted Rogers School of Management Alumni

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The Ted Rogers School of Management Alumni Office

As alumni, you are our most valued ambassadors, supporters and advocates. We remain committed to providing you with meaningful and valuable opportunities to engage with Ted Rogers and Ryerson University.

Ted Rogers School of Management prides itself on delivering an exceptional student experience. We are equally determined to carry on that tradition by delivering the best alumni experience to our graduates. As a Ted Rogers graduate, you have exclusive access to our online student and alumni mentorship, alumni associations, networking and social events, career services and discounts on a variety of services.

We hope you will stay involved in the Ted Rogers School of Management community and continue to help shape the next generation of business students by sharing your time, knowledge and passion with our students.


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Alumni Associations

Discover how easy it is to stay connected to the Ted Rogers School of Management and Ryerson University through one of our many alumni associations.

Alumni groups provide TRSM graduates with the opportunity to stay connected and engaged with the University and fellow alumni through: social events, volunteering opportunities, mentorship and networking. Explore the groups listed below to learn more about how you can stay connected socially and professionally to the Ted Rogers School of Management and Ryerson University.

For more information about Ryerson University’s Alumni activities, please visit Ryerson Alumni Relations

Welcome to the Ryerson University Business Alumni Association! RUBAA is an initiative of Ryerson Business Graduates that seeks to build networks among highly motivated professionals who share common goals, purpose and values. With a community whose members date back to 1948, RUBA performs their work by organizing informative and exciting events that bring Ryerson graduates together and creates a forum for knowledge exchange and idea generation. Our events also reconnect alumni with colleagues from years past, present and future.

President, Mitch Reiss

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Welcome from the Ryerson Human Resources Alumni Association! We support the interests of alumni by providing information, resources and recognition relevant to your careers. We’re here to challenge, support, and provide valuable networking opportunities for HR professionals.  All by connecting passion with opportunity.

President, Jillian Meyer


 Ryerson HR Alumni Association, external link

Ryerson University Economics Alumni Association (REAA) is dedicated to building the relationships of Ryerson University Economics Department graduates through networking events, publications and job offerings.

Welcome to the Ryerson Hospitality Alumni Association! As one of the most active alumni associations on campus, we aim to connect past and current students of the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, through communication and experience.  We strive to help you share and learn from each other’s experiences from within the industry. The association provides its alumni with invaluable opportunities to network, give back and strengthen their connections within the School.

Whether you are a new graduate or an established professional, the RHAA will be a reliable source of life-long learning for all its members.

President, Cyrus Cooper 


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MBA/MMSc Alumni Association, external link is a community ambassador for Ryerson University business alumni, connecting alumni to each other and the industry through networking events and virtual channels.  


Nikita Chugh
Sara Peshnak

Welcome to the Ryerson Retail Alumni Association! Our focus is on building strong and mutually beneficial ties between the university and its alumni, promoting goodwill in the community and creating a dynamic alumni program, building loyalty and generating continued support for the university.

Presidents, Nikita Chugh and Sarah Peshnak


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Ryerson Entrepreneurship Alumni Network provides networking opportunities where alumni can share their professional success, as well as personal learning experiences, with each other and current students.

Danny Su

Welcome to the Ryerson Alumni in Real Estate Association! Our goal, which has been newly, and officially, established in 2017, is to offer alumni a formal organization to converse, network, and share ideas with one another. Learn the skills that will allow you to flourish in the housing and commercial property arenas

President, Danny Su


Welcome to the Ryerson University Law and Business Alumni Association! We represent students who have graduated from the Law and Business major at the Ted Rogers School of Management. We are just getting started, but will do everything we can to build a network as great as our program. We seek to open the eyes of employers to the potential held by our graduates, and to steer alumni in the right direction by highlighting opportunities and connecting one another.

President, Jerome Strader


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Business Career Hub

Alumni Benefits

Your relationship with TRSM does not end with convocation! As a graduate of the Ted Rogers School, you have lifetime access to the programs and services at the Business Career Hub

Alumni Ambassadors

Become a google formCorporate Alumni Ambassador, external link and build connections between TRSM and your current organization.