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Stay Informed, Involved and Connected

As alumni, there are countless ways for you to support TRSM and benefit from various initiatives. Stay informed, get involved and get connected!

Ted's Cafe

TRSM recently partnered with TenThousandCoffees to launch Ted’s Café, our new online hub for TRSM alumni, students and professionals. We encourage you to sign up today; registration via LinkedIn takes under 3 minutes. By joining Ted’s Café you will have access to unique networking opportunities and coffee chats with alumni, students and supporters of TRSM.

Alumni Associations

Join one of our Alumni Associations to connect with other alumni in all industries or current Ryerson students.

Alumni Ambassadors

Become a google formCorporate Alumni Ambassador, external link and build connections between TRSM and your current organization.

Alumni Benefits

Your relationship with TRSM does not end with convocation! As alumni, you have access to a range of exclusive benefits and services, including significant discounts just for you!