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As alumni, you are our most valued ambassadors, supporters and advocates. We remain committed to providing you with meaningful and valuable opportunities to engage with TRSM and Ryerson University.

Opportunities for Our Alumni

Join Ted's Café!

Ted Rogers School of Management has an impressive alumni network of over 45,000 graduates, creating a thriving community of business professionals. We are driven to create an engaged community that encourages our alumni and students to connect with one another to create meaningful relationships.

To assist in building a strong network of TRSM alumni and students, TRSM has recently partnered with TenThousandCoffees to launch Ted’s Café, our new online hub for TRSM alumni, students and professionals. This network is exclusively available to Ted Rogers School of Management students and graduates.

Recent TRSM alumni have opportunities to connect with established alumni through Ted’s Café. This platform also encourages alumni to connect with current TRSM students to offer mentorship and expertise.

How it Works

Step 1:

Sign up via LinkedIn (or email)

Step 2:

Send, receive and schedule your coffee chats with fellow alumni and/or students

Step 3:

Meet in person or online from anywhere in the world!

Benefits of Joining TED's Café

Access a Growing Network

Being part of the TRSM community means you are part of a global network of over 45,000 proud alumni and students. We have partnered with TenThousandCoffees to create an exclusive hub so that TRSM alumni and students can find meaningful connections - one coffee chat at a time.

Ted’s Café offers alumni and students access to a dynamic career network designed to make it easy to connect with individuals in a wide range of industries, career experiences and interests.

Having exclusive access to this network will allow you to:

  • Build your network

  • Offer or receive mentoring and/or career advice

  • Share ideas and challenges

  • Recruit talent from the TRSM community

Ted's Cafe group gathering

Advance Your Career

The business world is fast-paced and ever-changing, with new technologies, ideas and rules being refined daily. Building a successful career that can withstand this changing climate requires having a strong network of professionals to lean on. By joining Ted’s Café you are setting yourself up for success by building a network of professionals that will be your allies, mentors and advocates.  

Alumni Associations

Discover how easy it is to stay connected to the Ted Rogers School of Management and Ryerson University through one of our many alumni associations.

Alumni groups provide TRSM graduates with the opportunity to stay connected and engaged with the University and fellow alumni through: social events, volunteering opportunities, mentorship and networking. Explore the groups listed below to learn more about how you can stay connected socially and professionally to the Ted Rogers School of Management and Ryerson University.

For more information about Ryerson University’s Alumni activities, please visit Ryerson Alumni Relations

Ryerson University Business Alumni Association, external link (RUBAA) connects business alumni with like-minded individuals who share common goals, purpose, and values.

Ryerson Human Resources Alumni Association (RHRAA) represents the relevant interests of alumni, and supports alumni by providing information, resources, events and recognition relevant to their careers and interests.   

Ryerson University Marketing Alumni Association (RUMAA) is dedicated to creating a network for Ryerson University Marketing alumni, and provides opportunities and the tools required to build and maintain networks amongst fellow alumni.

Ryerson University Economics Alumni Association (REAA) is dedicated to building the relationships of Ryerson University Economics Department graduates through networking events, publications and job offerings.

Ryerson University Health Services Management Alumni Committee (HSMAC) represents the partnership of graduates, students, faculty and staff with the Health Services Management and Health Information Management programs.

Ryerson Hospitality Alumni Association (RHAA), external link strives to connect past and current students of the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management with each other through networking opportunities.

MBA/MMSc Alumni Association, external link is a community ambassador for Ryerson University business alumni, connecting alumni to each other and the industry through networking events and virtual channels.  

Ryerson Retail Alumni Association (RRAA) focuses on building strong and mutually beneficial ties between the university and its alumni, promoting goodwill in the community and creating a dynamic alumni program, building loyalty and generating continued support for the university.

Ryerson Entrepreneurship Alumni Network provides networking opportunities where alumni can share their professional success, as well as personal learning experiences, with each other and current students.