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As you know the University is providing you with the option of maintaining your assigned letter grade, choosing to replace your final undergraduate course grade/s with a credit (CRD), or to drop your course without academic penalty with a no credit (NCR) grade. 

The choices being provided to you for this current semester are:

  1. keep your assigned letter grade and have it recorded on your transcript. This grade will contribute to your GPA calculation. 
  2. choose Credit (CRD) to replace your passing letter grade and to get credit for the course. This grade will not contribute to your GPA calculation.
  3. choose No Credit (NCR) to drop your course without academic penalty. The NCR will replace your letter grade and it will not contribute to your GPA calculation. If it’s a required course, you will need to complete it at a later date.

How Might This Impact Your Eligibility for Co-op?

Regarding CGPA

Part of the selection criteria for the Ted Rogers Co-op is an expected minimum CGPA. This will not change.

What is important to know, however, is that if you choose either the CRD or the grade option, your application eligibility will not be impacted, as long as your CGPA meets the expectations set out by your program. 

Regarding Completion of Required Courses

If you choose not to complete a required course that is expected for Co-op eligibility, it will be important for you to state your plans for complete this course before you start your 1st work term. 

Your Next Steps

So, if you were planning on applying to the Co-op program this year, please proceed with your application. We will review each submission on an individual basis.

Bootcamps help you better prepare for the workforce by providing you with industry-level technical training. The Bootcamp team has transitioned Bootcamps to a virtual format, and you are strongly encouraged to leverage this resource to continue building your skills and position you better for future work.

To see our current offerings, please review the Bootcamp schedule.

How We Are Supporting our Employer Partners

The Ted Rogers School of Management remains diligent in supporting you by being ready to help in any way we can; to provide as much flexibility as possible; and to continue to help you match student talent with your current needs for new grad opportunities, summer internships and part-time opportunities.

We continue to promote roles and host virtual recruitment events for our employer partners.

We have students scheduled to go out this Summer whose knowledge spans many business areas, including Accounting and Finance, Business Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, Real Estate, Global Management, Economics, Law and Business, Retail, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship.

There  are a number of programs that are available to employers to support you in hiring this Summer.

Just announced, the Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) has been expanded and there is more now flexibility:

We are developing a toolkit to support employers with their virtual onboarding of students this Summer.

More to come on this shortly. 

The Business Career Hub at the Ted Rogers School of Management provides students with opportunities to continuously upgrade and enhance their technical skills through industry and facilitator-led bootcamps. We offer Bootcamps in Excel, Power of BI, Python, R, Tableau and more!

Most of these sessions are offered in the evening and on weekends and are always well attended. In the last three weeks alone, we have had 1,000 registrations in the newly offered virtual format. 

If there is one thing we know for sure, is that our students are eager to learn, even during a period of intense uncertainty.

For more information on Bootcamps, please visit the Bootcamps website, opens in new window.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Corporate Partnership Team, opens in new window