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What are Bootcamps?

The Business Career Hub at the Ted Rogers School of Management provides students with opportunities to continuously upgrade and enhance their technical skills through industry and facilitator-led bootcamps. Attending these bootcamps provide students with fast access to industry-relevant training to bridge the gap between curriculum and market needs.

Bootcamps are an interactive way to learn!

Learn and enhance your skills

Are you a student interested in learning and how to advance your skills to stand out in the workplace?

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Success Stories

Grejdi Meta

Grejdi Meta

Treasury Operations Intern at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Going into the Treasury Operations Intern job interview at OTPP, I prepared myself for any technical-related questions by reviewing the skills I had learned through the TRSM Bootcamps. I printed off a dashboard that I had created and presented during the Tableau bootcamp, I linked the skills taught by the Microsoft Excel and Power BI bootcamps into something useful for the company, and I showcased finance skills taught through the Bloomberg Terminal bootcamp. All of these made me stand out as a well-prepared candidate worthy of competing with students across other universities in Ontario. What impressed OTPP the most was the printed Tableau dashboard - I would suggest to everyone to keep track of technical projects they undertake and bring them to their interviews. Overall, TRSM Bootcamps played a key role in myself landing the position I wanted the most.


Miranda Silver

Miranda Silver

IT Business Analyst at
Johnson & Johnson

The Ryerson Bootcamps have helped me to acquire essential skills outside of my area of expertise. Specifically, the Tableau Bootcamp helped me to land a co-op position early in my search for a job that was slightly outside of my major. During the interview, the interviewer noticed that I had experience using Tableau. He stopped me to ask specifically what I knew how to do. Something as simple as a basic understanding of how to use the software and make dashboards grabbed his attention and helped me to stand out amongst other candidates. I was also asked why I was interested in an IT position since I am an Economics student not an ITM student. The numerous other bootcamps I have taken such as Python, Power of Excel, and Power BI demonstrated my ability to take an interest in and learn concepts and practices outside of my field of study. Overall, the Ryerson Bootcamps not only helped me land my first co-op position but opened me up to a job opportunity that I otherwise may not have seemed to be as qualified to perform.

John Scharrer

John Scharrer

Cyber Risk Analyst
at Deloitte

As a Direct Entry student, I can safely say that the Bootcamps being offered by the Business Career Hub provide unique secondary learning not found in other schools. These workshops allowed me to sharpen my existing skills, develop new ones, and explore new interests.

I had the opportunity to attend the first Cyber Security Prep Program that was being put on in partnership with EY and Deloitte. I was able to learn about this exciting new industry directly from individuals actively working in the field. A case competition was held during the event and together with my team, I was able to win an interview with Deloitte’s Cyber Risk team. With the information I learned from the event, and continued support from the Business Career Hub, I was able to turn the interview into a role as a Cyber Security Analyst, and am now starting the career of my dreams.