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The Bootcamp Lab (TRS 3-180) at Ted Rogers School of Management is closed but select Bootcamps will be running virtually. The schedule will be posted shortly. Stay updated with our website for more information and feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns

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What are Bootcamps?

The Business Career Hub at the Ted Rogers School of Management provides students with opportunities to continuously upgrade and enhance their technical skills through industry and facilitator-led bootcamps. Attending these bootcamps provide students with fast access to industry-relevant training to bridge the gap between curriculum and market needs.

Bootcamps are an interactive way to learn!

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Success Stories

Raymond Tran

Raymond Tran

Staff Accountant - Audit (Expected 2020), Deloitte

Business Career Hub's Bootcamps has benefited me academically and professionally. As an accounting student, Excel is an essential tool to have. The Excel skills acquired from Bootcamps translate directly into the classroom as they help enhance my learning experience. I am able to organize my data effectively using shortcuts and compute useful information using formulas and features I would not have known of. Besides Excel, I have attended other Bootcamps such as Power BI and Tableau.

I utilized those skills and produced high-level reports as well as interactive dashboards for the management team in my current role as a Data Analyst. In my search for a full-time position, I was able to showcase these technical skills and secured a full-time position within Deloitte in the Audit role. 



Xhona Pulaj

Xhona Pulaj

Business Development Coordinator, Ted Rogers Business Career Hub

As a co-op student, I wanted to attend various bootcamps to not only develop my skills, but expose myself to new opportunities. The Excel and Communicating with Confidence Bootcamps really helped me enhance my technical as well as presentation skills that I was able to heavily utilize at my previous summer co-op as a Product Manager Intern at Compass Digital Labs.

As a Product Manager, there was a lot of data that needed to be filtered in order to produce reports for the various projects CDL was working on. As a Product Manager, I was the face of the food waste reduction application my team and I were working on, which also required producing several presentations and sales meetings.

The skills I had applied from the bootcamps gave me an opportunity to present my product in front of the CTO of the company and he was astonished at what had been accomplished. Without the Bootcamps, I would not have been able to achieve what I did at CDL.

Bobby Alam

Bobby Alam

Cyber Risk Analyst (Expected 2020),

Having access to Ted Rogers Bootcamps as a student really made a significant impact on my career path. Particularly for me, the industry specific prep programs such as the Consulting Prep Program and Cyber Security Prep Program were the most beneficial.

The style in which these bootcamps were structured and delivered were just so helpful, as they provided a concise yet incredibly thorough overview of the industry as a whole, including how to best prepare for them. After developing our skills and knowledge through interactive exercises, we also had the opportunity to network with industry professionals and recruiters to show them just how much we had learned.

The Cyber Security Prep Program also included a case competition component hosted by Deloitte, in which my teammates and I placed 1st. As part of the prize, I had the opportunity to interview with their Cyber Risk Advisory team and got the job!