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Igor Reshynsky

Degree: B. Comm, Accounting Major and Finance Minor

Name: Igor Reshynsky
Graduated: June 2016
Role: Auditor at RBC

Igor Reshynsky is currently working towards his CPA designation. He started a full time position at RBC CPA Program right after graduation where he was the first TRSM student to be offered a role within the RBC CPA program. He got his full time offer from RBC in his last year of university. He now works within Internal Audit at RBC and will complete 2 rotations in Finance before completing the program. After the program, he is able to choose an area of interest in the bank.

His first role at RBC was in Performance Management – Capital Markets. The Business Career Hub organized a one on one meeting a recruiter from RBC. The recruiter gave advice on resumes and tips on how to apply to summer opportunities at RBC. She reviewed Igor’s resume and was impressed, so she offered a potential opportunity at RBC. It was noted that the event organized by the Business Career Hub directly contributed to Igor’s employment with RBC.

Igor worked part time during the year and networked with companies on his own. He says that the one-on-one mock interview initiative is a very useful service the Hub offers to students. Moreover, the on and off campus events with the campus recruitment teams provided valuable feedback that was helpful and increased his confidence.

Igor believes that students should not be scared to reach out to organizations they want to work for. He advises students to search up names of recruiters and email managers or someone from the campus recruitment team, the worst thing that can happen is that the person will not respond to them. However, most of the time people value and recognize when students go out of their way to reach out to them. Even if students end up reaching to the wrong person in the organization, they will connect you with someone that can help you. He says this is a strategy that will open many doors and present numerous opportunities that are not available by attending events and applying online.