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Define Your Future

The Co-op program at the Ted Rogers School of Management is a unique and industry-based model that bridges the gap between academic theory and relevant real world experience.

You Do the Math

The math works - figure out how much you can earn by participating in the Co-op program. Your Co-op fee is an investment in your future.

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8,960  x  4  -  $3,500 = ?
income per term              term per student                      cost of co-op  


More often referred to as an investment in your future, the Co-op fee  of $3,500.00, is paid in installments over multiple years.

The fee covers the costs of maintaining and operating the Co-op program, including: 

  • participation in our industry-leading Co-op Prep Program including excel certification, and live actor industry simulations;
  • Peer Mentorship program- students are matched with senior Co-op students;
  • a dedicated Co-op Coordinator offering 1:1 coaching 
  • access to Bootcamps - teaching technical skills that are in demand 
  • participation in a one-day Co-op Symposium
  • personality profiles and self- assessment tools
  • access to employers and jobs supported by a dedicated employment outreach team 
  • in-person site visits during Co-op work terms 

In order to graduate with a Co-op designation, you are required to complete the minimum required work terms by alternating between academic terms and work terms. This will extend your undergraduate studies to 4.5–5 years.

TRSM students applying to Co-op will use the Ryerson Co-op portal.

All TRSM programs start the Co-op application process in the Spring with a deadline of June 1st. Depending on your program of study, you will apply either at the end of your 1st year or at the end of your 2nd year. Please refer to your respective program for more details.

Your application to Co-op will include a cover letter, resume, academic transcript, and an interview.

Ted Rogers Co-op students work with some of the most successful companies and organizations in the world. Student employment depends on the student's chosen sector or educational specialization. Some sectors include Government, Financial & Insurance, Technology & Communication, Health Care, Education, Professional Services, Public Utilities and Production.

$32,340 The net amount you earn for doing co-op

Student Profiles

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