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Services for Students

What We Can Do For You

The Student Help Desk can help you with the following:

  • Login problems
  • Printing issues (including load paper)
  • Wireless configuration (RU-Secure & RYERSON network only)
  • Diagnose broken lab computers
  • Lab Lost & Found

We are here to assist you whenever the lab is open; look for the bright yellow t-shirts that say "Tech Support". Lab Monitors wearing yellow t-shirts are also available to assist you during drop-in lab hours at TRS.

Computer Labs

Who can use this lab?
This general computer workroom is open to all TRSM students for drop-in use except during scheduled class times. Classes in this room are kept to a minimum for your convenience.

What does this lab have to offer?

  • 50 available computers with 23-inch widescreen LCD monitors
  • 1 black-and-white printer on the OneCard print release system

Where is it?
TRS 3-154

When is it open?
This lab is open during the Student Help Desk hours.

Who can use these labs?
The high performance computing labs are open to all TRSM students. 

What do these labs have to offer?

  • Each room includes 50 computers with 22-inch widescreen LCD monitors
  • These workstations are suitable for multimedia and high performance computing applications
  • A black-and-white print station is available in each lab

Where are they?
TRS 3-148 & 3-150

When are they open?
These labs have limited drop-in hours from September-April based on class schedules.

Who can use these labs?
The general purpose computer classrooms are open to all TRSM staff and students.

What do these labs have to offer?

  • Rooms 2-006 & 3-154 each have 50 computers with LCD monitors
  • Room 2-154 has 64 computers with LCD monitors
  • Each classroom is equipped with a whiteboard, 2 projectors, as well as a black-and-white print station 

Where are they?
TRS 2-006, 2-154, & 3-154

When are they open?
These labs have limited drop-in hours from September-April based on class schedules.

Please note that, in addition to the guidelines below, the rules outlined in Ryerson University's Student Computing Guidelines, opens in new window apply in all TRS labs.

1. Absolutely no food or drinks are allowed in the computer labs. 

Anyone who refuses to comply will be asked to leave. Repeat offenders may have their computing privileges revoked.

2. Drop-in users must leave when a class is being taught in the room, or whenever asked to leave by a professor or staff member.

Refusal to leave will result in Security being called.

3. Checking of personal e-mail, etc. is allowed within reason, but priority must be given to students who are working on assignments.

If the lab is full, staff will ask casual users to give up their seat to others who have work to complete.

4. Before leaving a workstation in any of the Academic Labs, students must delete all files saved to a workstation hard drive and then log off.

This preserves privacy and prevents others from using your account.

5. All applications are located under Start->Programs->Applications

6. The main computer help desk for students is located in the 100-seat workroom (3-180).

Lab monitors are also available in other labs during drop-in hours - look for the yellow T-shirts that say "Tech Support" on the back.

7. Advisors and lab monitors will not do academic work and are not expected to provide "how-to" assistance with all applications.

On occasion, if an advisor knows an application and has time, that advisor may provide some application support. Please do not expect that your application "how-to" questions will regularly be answered. Advisors will not answer questions regarding assignments or projects. Please refer these to your professor, teaching assistant, or department.

8. You must log out of Windows after finishing your workstation session.

This prevents others from accessing your lab account, Internet forms, temporary files, etc.

9. When leaving, please collect any garbage and dispose of it in the proper bins, located throughout the building.

10. Help us help you by reporting any hardware/software problems to an advisor or lab monitor so they can be fixed in a timely manner.

Printing Information

7 cents to print black and white; 50 cents to print in colour

Printing Labs: 

TRS 2-006 | TRS 2-154 | TRS 3-148 | TRS 3-150 | TRS 3-154* 

*All labs provide black and white laser printing.

Student printing is also available on the 8th floor of the building, in the north corridor, adjacent to the study space which borders the back entrance to the TRS 1-067 lecture theatre.

How to Book Equipment

Media Carts & Equipment

All approved TRSM student groups are eligible to book equipment from the TRSM Help Desk, and must register with the Ted Rogers Student Society, external link, opens in new window at the beginning of the year to do so. Only students on the list will be able to borrow equipment from our Help Desk.

Booking Equipment Do’s:

  • When registering your group, you are required to provide the names and contact information of two group members. Only these two designates are permitted to sign out equipment.
  • When signing out equipment, designates must leave their student card at the Help Desk in exchange for the equipment. The student card will be returned when the equipment is returned.
  • All equipment must be returned before closing time the same day to the TRSM Help Desk. Our location and hours can be found on the Faculty & Staff page.
  • All equipment must stay within the TRS building
  • All equipment is loaned out on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to book equipment, students must send the TRSM Help Desk an email at at least one week in advance. You will receive a reply within two business days confirming that the equipment has been reserved for your group.
  • Book equipment at least one week in advance.

Booking Equipment Don'ts:

  • Do not return late, damaged equipment or equipment with missing parts - doing this will result in losing borrowing privileges.
  • Do not send a non-designated member to pick up equipment for you, even if they are carrying your designated-member OneCard. Equipment will not be given to them.
  • Do not forget your student card when signing out equipment. The Help Desk will need to keep your card until the equipment is returned.
  • Do not book more than two items at a time. This prevents any one group from "hogging" the equipment.
  • Do not take equipment outside of the TRS building - no offsite loans permitted.
  • Do not dissemble/unplug cables from media carts or other equipment. If you cannot get the equipment to work the way you want it, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.
  • When returning equipment, do not leave it unattended outside our door. We are probably on call within the building. Please call extension 7455 for assistance (416-979-5000 ext. 7455 from your cell phone). You remain responsible for the equipment until it is signed in by a member of the Help Desk staff.
  • Do not leave equipment booking to the last minute. You must notify the Help Desk at least one week in advance.


Find us on the PDF file9th Floor, opens in new window (north corridor, across from the School of Retail Management office). Technology assistants are normally seated at the round desk, also known as the "Donut." Printing and scanning stations are also available behind the round desk.

Drop-In Hours beginning

September 3, 2019  

TRS3-154 & Student Help Desk (Outside TRS3-172)


7:30 AM to 11:00 PM


7:30 AM to 11:00 PM


7:30 AM to 11:00 PM


7:30 AM to 11:00 PM


7:30 AM to 11:00 PM


8:30 AM - 8:00 PM


11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Other Labs

All other labs in TRS are closed for the summer however they will open daily for schedule classes and events in TRS. Please use TRS3-154 for drop in purposes.




tech assistant in yellow tshirt

Lab Monitors

Questions during lab hours? Don't hesitate to ask any one of our lab monitors in bright yellow t-shirts that read "Tech Support". We roam continuously during lab drop-in hours, and are available to assist you at the Student Technology Help Desk (a.k.a the Donut) outside the Retail Management Office.

For more information on the Lab Monitors' roles and responsibilities, consult the Lab Monitor's Handbook, opens in new window.

OneCard Info

OneCard Info

Students can load money into their OneCard by: 

  1. Using the PDF fileOneCard loading station, opens in new window in front of TRS 3-180, near the student photocopier, or using any other loading station on campus.
  2. Using a credit card by phoning the OneCard office at 416-979-5000 ext. 7565.
  3. Visiting the OneCard Office in the lower level of PDF fileJorgenson Hall (JOR02), opens in new window during their office hours.

Virtual Printing:

Campus Printing Service (CPS) enables you to print from your laptop to a Ryerson lab print release station. After connecting to the wireless network, visit the CPS Website, opens in new window and follow the instructions to print.

How to Print
Once you have launched Web Print , opens in new window from your lab desktop or PC, simply log in to your my.ryerson account and follow the prompts. From here you are able to select the print job, a self-serve printer from one of the labs listed below, and upload your documents for print. Your document will be delivered to the selected print release station and held for up to 2 hours.

Print Release Stations 
KHW-71F, LIB-272 (Library), SBB-314, SHE-576, SHE-677, TRS-2-006, TRS-2-154, TRS-3-148, TRS-3-150, TRS-3-154, TRS-3-180,  and TRS-3-182.