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About Us

The TRSM Marketing & Communications team is nimble, proactive, and results-driven. We use strategic marketing and communication solutions to enhance, build, and drive the reputation of TRSM and support its goal of becoming one of the leading business schools in Canada through attracting top faculty and student talent.

Our strategies and solutions include traditional and new media, storytelling, and media relations.

Our goals are to enhance & build TRSM's reputation, drive student enrollment, attract top talent, engage external stakeholders & community, stay relevant, ensure excellence, and support the pillars of the Academic Plan.


Marketing & Communications FAQs

All TRSM business card requests should be directed to Ryerson University's Online Stationary Ordering System, external link, opens in new window.

Note: This system was implemented in 2016. Please do not use the old platform, as your ID will no longer be active. The process for ordering cards remains the same. If credentials are included on the business card, HR will still need to approve that the transcripts are on file. If special orders are required (for instance, braille card orders) please put that information in the notes area at the end of the order.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the new system, please feel free to reach out to Bonnie Schindel at

The video screen in the TRSM lobby will now be used to promote our brand to external audiences and will no longer feature recent TRSM events and success stories.

If you wish to promote your event/research/student success story on one of the television screens in the TRS building, please visit Ryerson University’s Digital Signage website or contact Trish Kerr at or 416-979-5000, ext. 4188.

Please see Ryerson University’s Digital Signage website or contact Trish Kerr at or 416-979-5000, x. 4188.

Please contact the TRSM Facilities team at 416-979-5000, ext. 2407

Please see our list of suggested vendors, opens in new window for swag production.


Please see our list of suggested vendors for photography.

Please contact Debra Rughoo, TRSM’s Writer/Content Specialist, at, opens in new window.

The MarComm team does not currently have a videographer on staff, but works with trusted vendors to create branded video content. Contact the MarComm team for details.

The MarComm team’s preferred vendor for rollup banners is MRCK Marketing. Please contact Rashman Kengatharamoorthy at for details.

Please check our general photos page. For more photos, please visit our photo bank, external link, opens in new window on the Google drive. (You must log in with your Ryerson account.)

Brand-related FAQs

TRSM's new brand was launched to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the naming of the school. 

The new brand better reflects our reputation for fostering a learning environment that facilitates innovative problem-solving, critical thinking, and the courage to act creatively. Whether rigorously equipping graduates with the foundational business education and skills necessary to define their career path or to set out on their own entrepreneurial journey, TRSM stands for pushing expectations and defying the conventional to exceed the demands of twenty-first century business while positively impacting society. 

Our main brand colour is fresh, modern and contemporary. It's a forward-looking colour that is true to our brand platform. You may learn more about it by visiting our Colour Palette.

Please visit our wordmark guidelines for positioning instructions.

Lockups build on the TRSM brand to create a signature wordmark specific to each entity within the faculty. They help us build brand association and visual clarity so all of our schools and programs remain aligned with the brand and reputation of TRSM.

Please visit our lockups section to learn more.

The old TRSM “pyramid” wordmark should not be used on any new materials.

Please use the new visual identity and brand for any new materials and collateral. 

Yes, please share the digital files with us for review/approval at before finalizing any branded swag.

Please check the wordmark variation section of this website.

Web-related FAQs

Our central Ryerson marketing office is able to provide you information about your website's performance.

Please fill Google Analytic Form, opens in new window with your requirements. 

Please report your issue directly to us.


Drive TRSM’s goal of being one of Canada’s leading business schools, through proactive, innovative and strategic marketing and communication solutions.


We are a nimble, proactive, and results-driven communications team that uses strategic marketing and communication solutions in traditional and new media, to support and enhance the reputation of TRSM, and drive its goal of becoming one of Canada’s leading business schools.

Our Team

Paul Cantin

Director, Marketing & Communications
416-979-5000, ext. 656

Emily Payne

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
416-979-5000, ext. 3804

Debra Rughoo

Writing and Content Specialist
416-979-5000, ext. 3646

Nadine Habib

Media and Rich Content Specialist, opens in new window
416-979-5000, ext. 3608

Danielle Bartel

Marketing & Design Coordinator
416-979-5000, ext. TBD

Martha Castillo

Web Developer
416-979-5000 ext. 2474