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Event Planning Checklist

Suggested timeline for planning events hosted at the Ted Rogers School of Management building.

  • Confirm event date and time. Timing: allow more time for larger Ted Rogers School spaces, fall bookings and events with senior leadership.
  • Book the space and if required coat-check kiosk with the Facilities team. Consider booking “green” room close to event for speakers and for media interviews. (
  • Confirm budget based on scope of event (PDF filefood, opens in new window, drink, entertainment, speaker gifts, A/V & photography needs).
  • Compile invitation list.
  • Coordinate design of ‘save-the-date’ email with the Marketing and Communications team.
  • Send ‘save-the-date’ email to Internal VIP list (President and Provost’s offices, Deans) – as soon as possible to ensure their ability to attend and knowledge of on-campus events/guests. For events where their attendance is required, confirm their availability with their offices before confirming the date & time).
  • Coordinate design of invitations, posters and flyers with the Marketing and Communications team.
  • Confirm guest speakers and develop event program.
  • Email/send invitations to guest list – internal and external – consider using Blackthorn Eveent Manageement, external link, opens in new window system to allow for easy registration, messaging to attendees and monitoring of RSVPs. RSVP deadline should be two weeks in advance of event. Track RSVPs and email those who haven’t responded three weeks prior.
  • Create an event web page with registration, an agenda and speaker profiles in Blackthorn.
  • Contact the Ted Rogers School of Hostpitality and Tourism (TRSHTM) Catering ( or 419-979-5000 ext.  553293) to arrange for catering and PDF filebrowse the Catering menu
  • Ensure to arrange / provide water for the stage and in the "green" room if there are speakers.
  • Book a videographer or photographer. Develop shot list and communicate deadline for visual assets to vendor. For a list of photographers,  Ryerson University photography brand guidelines and photo consent forms, visit:
  • Contact Media Services ( and arrange for A/V requirements.
  • Contact Security Services ( to notify them of event and speakers. They will assess your event (participants/topic/location/date) and arrange for security coverage if necessary (Do this if there are dignitaries in attendance).
  • Recruit volunteers (if required).
  • Submit your event to Ted Rogers School and Ryerson event calendars.
  • Print posters and post throughout TRSM and other campus buildings.
  • Contact Nadine Habib, TRSM Media and Rich Content Specialist (, opens in new window), to develop a media strategy and social media strategy.
  • Contact Ted Rogers School Facilities ( to specify room set-up requirements.
  • Coordinate flowers and other décor for event location. 
  • Work with TRSM Media Relations to schedule tweets to promote event on @TRSMRyersonU and posts on TRSM's Facebook.
  • Ensure key visiting guests have been briefed on their speaking requirements/speaking notes or brief provided to internal/TRSM/RU speakers.
  • Coordinate any on-site staffing/volunteer needs (registration table, coat check, help with directing guests etc.).
  • Schedule tweets with “RSVP deadline/limited seats available” messaging.
  • Print directional signage for event.
  • Arrange gifts for guest speakers if appropriate.
  • Develop detailed event schedule and assigned responsibilities.
  • Review responsibilities with volunteers.
  • Print and stuff name badges if using/need.
  • Confirm detailed event schedule and assigned responsibilities.
  • Confirm with videographer/ photographer’s availability for event/review shot list.

Two hours

  • Arrive two hours in advance of event.
  • Greet volunteers, photographer, A/V services, catering, and security (if required).
  • Assign volunteers to man registration table, put up directional signage, lay out tags for guests etc.

One hour

  • Media relations officer to staff media sign-in table and greet the media.
  • Greet guests.

Half hour

  • Greet speakers and usher them into the “green” room.

Fifteen minutes

  • Start encouraging guests to sit down.
  • Media are sitting/standing at event.
  • Panelists are seated.

Event commences  