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Tips for Broadcast Interviews

Practice, practice

We all have little quirks or habits that are distracting to watch so try and practice in front of the mirror beforehand. Better yet, conduct a mock interview with a media relations officer who can point out where you can improve.

Think visual

The background and setting can have a big impact. Be aware of your surroundings. If the interview is being filmed in your office, make sure you don’t have anything lying around that you don’t want to have filmed. If you can, try to find a background with Ryerson branding.

Know the show

What kind of stories do the reporters like to cover? Knowing their bent will help you better anticipate questions.

Microphones are always live

Many people have been caught when a reporter drops the microphone to the side and starts casual dialogue. If you’re wearing a lapel mike be aware that it’s always on (even if the reporter walks off to check the batteries in the camera).

Stay in control

It’s fine to be emphatic but never get emotional. Once you lose emotional control and become angry or upset, you lose your argument.