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The Academic Success Centre is serving the Ted Rogers School of Management community virtually in the 2020/21 academic year. 

Learning Specialists

Learning Specialists

At this time, all learning specialist appointments will be conducted virtually. For more information, please refer to the Google Meet Guide and the Zoom Toolbox.

Peer Coaches

Students can book an individual, 45 minute appointment with one of our Peer Coaches. Peer Coaches are upper-year students from various programs in TRSM, who are trained to assist you with:

  • improving or learning new study skills
  • becoming organized and better managing your time
  • navigating your academics
  • campus referrals, as you may need
  • and more!

We know that it’s very easy to start with great energy but run out of fuel as the term progresses and courses or assignments become more demanding and challenging. Meeting regularly with a PAC is a great way to stay motivated throughout the academic term.

NOTICE: To ensure equitable access to our Peer Academic Coaching appointments, students must have a minimum of five (5) business days between their appointments.

Learning Strategist

Students may book an individual, 30 minute appointment with our Learning Strategist. A Learning Strategist can help you:

  • Learn to manage time and organize materials
  • Adapt your study strategies to a remote learning environment
  • Set academic goals and develop a plan for meeting them
  • Identify procrastination triggers and learn steps for overcoming them
  • Address stress and anxiety issues related to academic work
  • Develop strategies for active reading, note-taking, studying, and taking tests and exams
  • Improve research, writing, and presentation skills
  • Discover how you learn best so that you can build on your strengths
  • Learn about the university’s academic systems and services