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The measure of a civilized society
is how it treats its weakest members.

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The Criminology program deals with everything from understanding criminal law, to appreciating the roles of different stakeholders (such as victims, offenders, and communities), 
to recognizing the complexities of providing 'justice' within, and outside the criminal justice system.

  • You will learn about central issues facing the criminal justice system and why some issues are so controversial. You'll also learn about  innovative, creative and positive changes which are possible in handing down justice.
  • Classes explore the nature of crime in Canada, criminal law, youth justice, aboriginal justice, security threats, ethics in criminal justice, strategies of crime control and prevention, violence in communities as well as the influence of race, class, gender and other forms of social inequality on the administration of criminal justice.
  • The exciting and dynamic career opportunities for graduates of Criminology include: work in areas such as policing, corrections (prisons, parole, probation), victim support, community justice and community-based alternatives to the criminal justice system, such as diversion or restorative justice.
  • Use the degree as a springboard to advanced study in law school or graduate studies in criminology or other disciplines.