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English and History Double Major


Through scholarly research and thoughtful analysis of historical documents, literary texts, material culture, audio-visual productions, and other sources, students in the English and History Double Major program explore the complexities of human experience by recognizing the important roles that narrative and language play in shaping the world around them and by asking questions that help explain cultures and peoples, political and economic systems, ideas and issues, and conflict and change.

Combining theoretical, historical, and critical knowledge with opportunities for experiential learning, the Double Major encourages students to engage deeply in the widest possible range of verbal, visual, material, and digital texts, and to showcase their understanding of how to put knowledge into action in meaningful ways.

  • The double major program includes a combination of 13 courses in English and 13 courses in History, in addition to other degree requirements.
  • Participate in experiential learning opportunities through real-world history work and a hands-on project course in creative writing, digital archiving and publishing, writing in the arts or writing practice.
  • Senior seminars, an optional thesis or independent research project in English and/or History, and an optional advanced English practicum course will pull together the expertise and knowledge you have gained in your studies and will help prepare you for your career.

After graduation, career paths may include education, academic research and teaching, law, library and information science, business, the public service, creative industries, and non-governmental organizations. You may also pursue more specialized careers in museums and the heritage sector or in publishing and editing, or continue in graduate studies in English, History, or related fields.