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English and Philosophy Double Major


The study of English and Philosophy explores some of the most fundamental and perennial questions such as: What is truth? What is beauty? What can we know?

Through scholarly research and thoughtful analysis of philosophical and cultural texts, students in the English and Philosophy Double Major, attempt to answer these and other basic questions by considering the contributions to these debates of some the most inventive, creative, and critical minds. Combining theoretical, historical, and critical knowledge with opportunities for experiential learning, the English and Philosophy Double Major program encourages students to engage deeply in these foundational questions and to showcase their understanding of how to put knowledge into action in meaningful ways.

  • The double major program includes 13 courses in English and 13 courses in Philosophy, in addition to other degree requirements.
  • Learn philosophy's central debates as well as the practical applications of philosophical theories and methods to contemporary political and social issues. Participate in experiential learning opportunities through a hands-on project course in creative writing, digital archiving and publishing, writing in the arts or writing practice.
  • Develop depth in the disciplines and sharpen your professional competencies through capstone seminars in English and Philosophy and elective independent research paper courses.

After graduation, career paths may include education, academic research and teaching, law, library and information science, business, the public service, creative industries, and non-governmental organizations.  Graduates may pursue specialized fields in publishing and editing or continue their studies at a graduate level.