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A classic is a book
that has never finished saying what it has to say.


Combining theoretical, historical, and critical knowledge with practical applications, the English program helps students engage with the widest possible range of verbal, visual, and digital texts of their world’s literary and cultural traditions. By engaging with stories, poems, graphic novels, films, blogs and digital content, you will develop new perspectives on the complex relationships between art and life.

  • Build in-depth English expertise in a range of theoretical frameworks and research methodologies.
  • Participate in experiential learning opportunities through a hands-on project course in creative writing, digital archiving and publishing, writing in the arts or writing practice.
  • Select English electives from three areas: Literatures and Cultures from the 16th to 21st Centuries; Diversity in Identities and Communities and Nations; and Genre and Media.
  • Transform your broad understanding of literature and culture into a variety of rewarding career opportunities in writing, editing, publishing, business, public relations, advertising, cultural advocacy, government, media, teaching or the creative industries. Or engage in post-graduate studies in English, or in related fields such as culture, the arts, print and media, library science, or law.

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