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History and Philosophy Double Major


The study of History and Philosophy enriches our awareness by asking questions that probe beyond simple answers and seeks to explain cultures and peoples, political and economic systems, ideas and issues, and conflict and change in order to understand the complexities of the human experience both in the past and the present. How should we act? What is truth? What can we know? Are we free?

Spanning much of the period of recorded culture, courses in the History and Philosophy Double Major program offer students a well-rounded understanding of philosophy's central debates and their historical contexts. The program develops students' critical argumentation, research, and analytical skills, and provides students with the chance to examine the practical applications of the theories and methods of History and Philosophy.

  • The double major includes 13 courses in History and 13 courses in Philosophy, in addition to other degree requirements.
  • You'll develop a well-rounded understanding of philosophy's central debates and examine the practical applications of philosophical theories and methods to contemporary political and social issues. History's unique Historian’s Craft courses (such as, Reading, Writing and Using History, and Hearing, Seeing and Speaking History) will also help prepare you for your career.
  • Solidify historical and philosophical expertise and sharpen your professional competence by taking two senior seminars, one in History and one in Philosophy.
  • After graduation, pursue a broad range of career paths, including business, the public service, creative industries, non-governmental organizations, and non-profit sectors, or work in museums and the heritage sector. You can also continue your education by pursuing either graduate study or professional training in faculties such as law, education, and information studies.