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Those who don't know _ _ _ _ _ _ _
are destined to repeat it.
Learn about the past and shape the future.

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Ryerson's History program explores the past and its impact on modern society by examining historical debates, documents, artifacts, audio-visual productions and other sources.
You can pursue your interests in history, from ancient times to the present, in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe as well as in International Relations and the History of Science and Technology.

  • The program's unique Historian's Craft courses, which focus on the methods and resources scholars use to understand the human experience, enhance professional skills needed for the workplace.
  • You can pursue study-abroad opportunities, and take courses in Experiential History, which involve performing real-world history work; and Heritage Management, which prepare you for jobs in museums, historic sites and heritage agencies.
  • In your final year, senior seminars and an optional thesis project will pull together the expertise and knowledge you have gained in your studies and help prepare you for your career.
  • After graduation, work in the creative industries, business, the public service, non-governmental organizations and the heritage sector; train for a career in teaching, law, museums, information management or another field; or complete a master's degree in history or a related field.

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