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Politics & Governance

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Politics is life, everything else is details

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Politics and Governance has as its major focus a critical understanding of how important decisions are made – at the international, national, provincial, and local levels — by both governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). You will learn to question the assumptions behind both administrative practice and policies that emerge from a variety of sources, and to evaluate them on a range of criteria, including empirical, theoretical and ethical bases.

  • Courses explore the actors and institutions of Canadian government, the emerging institutions and practices of global governance, controversial policy topics, western political thought, and comparative politics.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods courses will help you study politics and governance effectively and enhance your professional skills in the workplace.
  • Participate in an international exchange program to strengthen your skill set and broaden your understanding of politics and governance concepts and practices.
  • After graduation, work for private companies, government departments or non-profit organizations; play a pivotal role in addressing management and government issues for local, national, and international organizations; pursue further studies in the fields of law or education; or engage in graduate studies in political science, public administration, public policy, public management or business.