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"Sociology, as of every science,
is to reveal that which is hidden."
– Pierre Bourdieu

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Sociologists explore the social world: why things stay the same and how we achieve social change. Students in this engaging field  study how societies work, by critically examining power and inequalities, institutions, cultures, beliefs, values, and taken for granted practices. Ryerson's Sociology program ensures you develop skills that are essential to career success: critical thinking, media literacy, research design and analysis, and effective communication.

Courses allow you to study a range of areas: diversity, popular media, globalization, immigration and citizenship, the entertainment industry, social networks, families and cultural beliefs, the lives of children and youth, and work and employment.

  • Ryerson's location in vibrant, culturally-rich downtown Toronto provides students with opportunities to directly relate academic study to real-world issues and programs. The city itself is a laboratory.
  • Community-based learning projects provide you with opportunities to link course work with real-world experiences.
  • After graduation, work in community development, social service agencies, government, human resources, public relations, media analysis, marketing, or research; or complete graduate studies in sociology, or pursue a professional program in education, business or law.