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Student Handbook

Ryerson’s Undergraduate Student Guide is your main source for information on Ryerson’s policies and procedures. The Guide will help you find a quick and direct response to typical questions you might have. It is broken down into the following five sections to address your area of concern: Money Matters, Academic Matters, Student Supports, Taking Care of Business, and If Things Go Wrong. (We're hoping nothing does go wrong, but if it does, it's nice to know your options.) You will also find a section on significant date deadlines by the typical functions you'll come across so it's easier for you to keep track. Examples of significant dates include adding/dropping a class, paying your fees on time, exam dates, etc. 

Ryerson’s Full-Time Undergraduate Calendar is an important resource for official information on the curriculum and required courses for each Ryerson program. The calendar also contains descriptions for all undergraduate courses at Ryerson.