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Student Spotlights

    • Christopher Babcock-Rimore
    • Undeclared Arts
      Department: I originally chose Undeclared Arts because I was unsure which area I wanted to study. I had a strong interest in sociology, philosophy, and psychology, but couldn't make up my mind – and for the first year, I didn't have to. After taking a year of courses in various disciplines, I came to see that my main area of interest was psychology.
      Phone: Major – Psychology
    • Undeclared Arts
      Department: I chose Undeclared Arts because it gave me the chance to sample various social science and humanities courses, while also giving me time to adjust to the atmosphere of a post-secondary institution.
      Phone: Major – Philosophy
    • Department: As the name of the program states, Undeclared Arts is meant for those who are undecided as to what they want to major in. That's why I chose this program.
      Phone: Major – Politics and Governance