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Departmental Copiers

Ryerson has a fleet of departmental copiers managed by DPS.


If your copier is malfunctioning, please contact 4 Office Automation. You will need to provide the equipment model and serial number, and explain the issue you are facing. Once they have assessed your requirements over the phone, a service technician will be dispatched to your site.

4 Office Automation
Phone: (905) 501-1500

Card readers

To use one of these copiers, authorized personnel can swipe their OneCard through the card reader. This will activate the machine and allow you to make copies. Each copy is charged to your departmental account code.

To access privileges to use your departmental copier, please contact your departmental administrator.

If your card reader is malfunctioning, please contact the OneCard Office.

Account reports and inquiries

To request a report of your departmental account, please contact us.

Paper, toner or staples

To request additional paper, toner or staples for your copier, please contact Shipping and Receiving.

Replace or relocate a copier

To request a replacement or relocation of a machine, please contact us.