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Get Your Card

Learn how to get a Student OneCard.

How to apply for and pick up your card

To apply for a card, start by choosing the section below that suits you.

New undergraduate, graduate or Continuing Education (Chang) students who have never had a OneCard before must apply for their card online between June 1, 2021 and November 30, 2021.

Second year students who have applied for their OneCard but have not received it due to COVID-19 restrictions to campus are not required to complete another application.

Apply online for your student OneCard

Step 1: Apply online

First year students to Ryerson, be they undergraduate or graduate students, full time or part time, G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education students, Faculty of Law students and Law Practice Program (LPP) candidates must apply online for their OneCard starting June 1.

Online applications for student OneCards are currently open. Learn about the requirements to apply and submit your application.

Step 2: Gather the appropriate documents

Within 3-5 days of your submission, after your application is reviewed and if it has been approved, you will receive an approval confirmation by email.

Once you receive this email, gather the appropriate accepted documents and your 9-digit Ryerson student number.

If your application is rejected for any reason (i.e., an unsuitable photo), you will receive an email and will be asked to resubmit your application.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment to pick-up your OneCard

If your online application was approved with an acceptable photo, you may schedule an appointment to pick-up your OneCard using the QLess appointment management system, external link beginning August 3, 2021. Appointments are available Monday to Friday, during the period of August 23 to September 10, 2021.

When scheduling an appointment, you will be prompted to enter your personal information and student number and will be asked to select your reason for requesting an appointment with the OneCard Office. Available appointment dates and pick-up windows will automatically be populated for you.

Step 4: Pick-up your OneCard from POD-52A

After scheduling an appointment, you may pick-up your OneCard between from POD-52A during the following dates and times:

Date: Hours:
Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Accessing POD-52A

To access POD-52A, please approach the Library Building entrance on Nelson Mandela Walk and press the intercom to be connected to staff from Community Safety and Security. Inform them that you are here to pick-up your student OneCard and you will be buzzed in. Please be advised that all community members are required to wear a mask when entering campus buildings.

When you arrive at POD-52A, please join the queue outside the door and maintain physical distancing between yourself and other students. A OneCard staff member will inform you when it is your turn to enter POD-52A.

Once you are allowed to enter POD-52A, please approach the desk and provide OneCard staff with your full name and student number. A OneCard staff member will then provide you with your OneCard. You will be required to exit POD-52A immediately upon receiving your OneCard.

To arrange to request and pick-up a replacement OneCard, please follow the steps outlined in steps 3 and 4 of the new undergraduate and graduate students section of this page.

While not mandatory for Chang School of Continuing Education (CE) students, CE students are encouraged to apply for their free CE OneCard.

To be eligible for a CE OneCard you must be registered and enrolled for a course in the current semester.

Why get a CE OneCard

  • Your OneCard serves as official Ryerson student identification.
  • You may access resources through the library like borrowing books, equipment and more.
  • You can load money onto the card to easily purchase food while on campus, to make purchases at the Campus Store and to use photocopiers or printers.
  • Your OneCard is required to access exterior campus building doors.

Getting by without a CE OneCard

Getting a OneCard is optional for Continuing Education students. If you choose not to get one, there are alternatives to access services on campus:

  • To verify your identity at exams, you may present government-issued photo ID instead of your OneCard. For more details, see the PDF fileRyerson University Final Examinations Policy, policy section 8 and procedures section 3. 
  • To access library resources, you may apply for a free library card.
  • To make purchases on campus, including at food outlets and at printers, you can purchase a CashCard. You may purchase these at PHIL Machines located across the campus or at the OneCard Office for $5 ($1 for the card with a minimum $4 load).
  • To purchase a discounted transit pass, visit the Student Campus Centre (55 Gould Street) with your Ryerson student number and a government-issued photo ID.

Apply for your CE OneCard

Incoming Continuing Education students must apply for their OneCard online and submit a photo for their card. Please follow the steps outlined in steps 3 and 4 of the new undergraduate, graduate and Chang students section of this page to receive your card.

First and second year students are eligible for a Ryerson/George Brown OneCard.

Apply for your Ryerson/George Brown College OneCard online

George Brown College Early Childhood Education students attending classes at Ryerson must apply for their OneCard online and submit a photo by following the instructions on George Brown’s Order a Combined Ryerson/George Brown College Student ID Card/OneCard, external link page.

You will receive instructions on how to receive your Ryerson/George Brown College OneCard when distribution methods are confirmed, or you may contact the George Brown Early Childhood Education Office at or 416-415-5000 ext. 2310 if you have any questions or concerns.

First and second year students are not eligible and are expected to use their student ID from their home institution.

Third year students are eligible to apply for a OneCard as a new Ryerson student. Please see above for instructions for new students.

Ryerson University International College (RUIC) students will receive their OneCards following their first semester enrolment. You will be contacted by a member of the RUIC Student Success Team with instructions for applying for and receiving your card.

Learn more about the RUIC program by visiting the Ryerson University International College website, external link.

Accommodations for students wearing face coverings

OneCard photos require your full face to be clearly visible in your photo as this is the university's official method of identification. However, in line with our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, we want to be able to accommodate community members who wear a religious head covering (e.g., a veil or niqab). Please contact the OneCard office to connect with a female staff member who can assist you through the process. Please see below for details.

The female staff member will require two photos (one with head covering and one without). The photo of you wearing your head covering will be used for your OneCard. If you are concerned about who will have access to your unveiled photo, please email and we will arrange for you to submit a photo of yourself without your face covered to a female staff member.

Accommodations for trans students

If you are a student who is transitioning and would like to know more about this process, please visit the Transitioning at Ryerson website.

Because OneCard records are fed directly from the university's student records, we can only issue OneCards that match these records. Once your name change has been completed by Student Records staff, you can request a replacement OneCard. Please visit Replace Your Card.

Have you lost your OneCard?

If you have lost your OneCard, the first step is to report it to the OneCard Office as soon as possible. Visit the Replace Your Card page and follow the instructions.