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Pay for Products & Services

OneCards use declining balance technology similar to a debit card, but without the fees. You can load funds directly onto your card, and when you use it for paid services, the charges are deducted from your balance when you swipe. Here are some paid services on campus you can use your card.

Campus Fund

Your Campus Fund allows you to pay for general campus services including library fines, photocopying and printing, course supplies and food at campus eateries and participating third-party retailers, including Balzac's, Oakham Café and Ram in the Rye.

Use your Campus Fund to pay library fines for overdue or lost materials.

Learn more about Ryerson Library Fines and Penalties.

Students can pay for photocopying and printing services at student machines.

Visit the campus map to locate computer labs and printers.

If you are a registered student of the department of Architecture, Interior Design, Image Arts and RCC, you can use your OneCard to pay for course supplies at workshops.

You can pay for food at:

  • Ryerson Eats campus eateries and coffee kiosks, including drop-in fees for all you care to eat at Pitman and ILC Dining Halls; and
  • participating retailers, including Balzac's, Oakham Café and Ram in the Rye.

Ryerson Eats

The Ryerson Eats (RU Eats Fund) is exclusively for food purchases and available to all students. To add a Ryerson Eats fund to your OneCard, please visit the OneCard Office to request it. You can load any amount into your Ryerson Eats Fund to spend at:

Residence students

Residence students can use their OneCard for a variety of services related to housing, including:

  • accessing food through their meal plan;
  • paying for food at campus eateries and participating food retailers including Balzac's, Oakham Café and Ram in the Rye. These purchases are deducted from your flex dollars in a declining balance; and
  • paying for laundry.

Learn more about the options for Meal Plans and Meal Plans for Residence Students, pricing and more.

Learn more about residence fees for the ILC and Pitman Hall.

As a residence student, there are two types of laundry accounts on your OneCard.

Laundry Fee

Residence students living at ILLC, Pitman Hall and the Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex have $50 automatically loaded onto their One Card, on a laundry fee account, at the beginning of the year for laundry expenses.

Laundry Fee balances are non-refundable. Please visit Refunds for policy information.

Laundry Fund

Once you use up your initial $50 laundry fee, you can deposit more funds into your laundry fund for future use.

Learn more about laundry locations and costs.