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First Year Student Survey

From time-to-time, Ryerson undertakes a survey of first-year students, under the auspices of the Canadian Undergraduate Survey Consortium. The Consortium is a group of approximately 30 universities across Canada that conducts student surveys across participating universities. Ryerson has been a member of the Consortium since 1997.

Questions focus on factors influencing students' decisions to attend university, their degree of success in making the transition from secondary school to university, and their satisfaction with services and the university experience. The survey is distributed to a sample of first-year students who were admitted to Ryerson directly from secondary school.

Each report is divided into the following sections and most have charts illustrating the results of the survey:

  • Decision to attend university
  • Experience with application and registration processes
  • Orientation experience
  • Adjusting to university
  • Perception of the University
  • Academic profile of first-year students
  • Financing of university education
  • Profile of first-year students