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University Planning Office

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The University Planning Office (UPO) manages the development and implementation of activities related to the University's academic plan, enrolment planning and academic budget planning. The UPO also undertakes policy research, survey research, data analysis, performance measurement and institutional research project oversight.

Using the links in the left panel, this website provides access to key statistics and information about Ryerson, including survey reports and performance measures — and some quick facts for easy reference, below.

Student Enrolment Overview, 2018-19 Headcount
Ryerson University 45,698 38,214.9
Yeates School of Graduate Studies 2,753 2,274.5
Doctoral 490 475.3
Master's 2,228 1,775.3
Professional Master's Diploma 35 23.2
Undergraduate Programs 36,748 34,270.2
Faculty of Arts 4,618 4,144.7
Faculty of Communication and Design 5,524 5,502.6
Faculty of Community Services 6,816 5,974.6
Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science 5,332 4,805.2
Faculty of Science 3,142 3,148.8
Ted Rogers School of Management 11,316 10,694.4
Chang School of Continuing Education 6,197 2,670.1
Degree Credit Courses 3,687 1,658.4
Non Credit Courses 2,510 1,011.7

Note: Headcount enrolment counts the number of students registered on November 1st while full-time equivalent enrolment takes into account each student's course load as a proportion of the applicable full course load. For example, a student taking 50% of a full course load counts as 0.5 in the full-time equivalent column and 1 in the headcount column. Full-time equivalent enrolment is measured across the three terms in the academic year: Spring/Summer, Fall, and Winter.