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Continuing Education 2016-17

The chart below shows statistics for the Continuing Education Division for all course registrations and individual students, or Headcounts.

Registrations in Continuing Education credit and non-credit courses
Program Students 38,078    
Credit CE Students 17,883    
Credit CE Courses Total   55,961  
Non-credit CE Total   10,500  
Ryerson CE Total     66,461


  1. Based on Continuing Education course registrations data.
  2. Includes program students.
  3. Previous to the 2004/05 year, degree program students registered in CE courses in the spring terms were reported as CE students. As of 2004/05, degree program students were identified separately in the spring term. Consequently, there was a marked increase in CE registrations by program students for the 2004/05 year and beyond.
Headcount enrolment in Continuing Education courses only
Spring/Summer   3,470  
Fall   4,137  
Winter   4,309  
All Terms     11,916


  1. Based on RISIS and SAS APGSUM data files.
  2. Excludes program students.