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About V4Lab

V4Lab is a summer program for participants ages 11-14 interested in design, technology, art, science, and engineering. Offered in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science and the Digital Media Experience Lab, opens in new window, V4Lab gives students an opportunity to engage with emerging technologies in a post-secondary environment.

This summer, we're going to study how electronic devices are made AND how they talk to each other. We call this the Internet of Things (IoT) and it's one of the current revolutions in the tech industry. 

Not familiar with tech? No worries, we get students of all skill levels and our mentors will support you all the way! The technical workshops will be paired with discussions on technologies, disruptive innovations, and research at Ryerson to help participants to dream of their future and contribution in Industry 4.0* and beyond. 

*Industry 4.0 describes the digitization of the manufacturing sector and encompasses a range of emerging technologies forming the fourth industrial revolution.

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