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*Our research centre is based at a university in downtown Toronto. The current name of the university, which is used in our centre name, represents a racist and discriminatory educational philosophy that laid the foundation for cultural genocide and intergenerational trauma. In solidarity with the Indigenous community in our workplace, as well as to acknowledge the impacts of this flawed philosophy on Black, disabled and low-income people, People of Colour, and women, we will be referring to our research centre as the 'Urban Water Research Centre' until the work of the Standing Strong Task Force is complete. For more information on the history associated with the name of my workplace please check out Wikipedia, external link, this article, external link by Hunter Knight, this article, external link by Lila Pine, and this open letter, external link from the Yellowhead Institute.

Over the last 5 years, the research centre has

Undertaken 60+ research projects and education initiatives.

Worked with more than 170 partners and collaborators

Brought in over $5.8M in cash funding

Trained 200+ highly qualified personnel