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Ryerson Urban Water

About Us

Ryerson Urban Water (RUW) is a multi-disciplinary collective of over 40 experts across 6 faculties and 13 Departments. Our researchers and their wet labs and students come from from the natural sciences, engineering, policy/regulatory, and social science arenas.

Our experts are working on water capture strategies including green roofs and urban forests, low impact development and municipal master planning, engineered wetlands and sophisticated wastewater mitigation strategies, and cost-benefit economic strategies. RUW has the expertise necessary to ensure the development of resilient sustainable cities.

Ryerson Urban Water is located in the downtown core of Canada’s biggest metropolis and the world’s largest freshwater with 46 km of waterfront, six watersheds and more than a dozen rivers Ryerson Urban Water is unique in its integration with the urban water community engaging in dynamic water initiatives, education, outreach, and research.