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Ryerson Urban Water
The students who took place in Wetskills Canada 2014 with their orange shirts

    The program concept of Wetskills was developed in The Kingdom of The Netherlands and adapted by Ryerson University and the Consulate General of The Kingdom of The Netherlands to develop the Wetskills Canada 2014 program.

    Wetskills Canada 2014 is a 2 week experiential learning program for graduate students with multidisciplinary backgrounds from The Netherlands, US, and Canada.  The program included an elaborate case competition in which 10 industry and government partners from Canada and The Netherlands collaborated to develop 5 water sustainability cases for teams of students to work on. Eleven Canadian experts from a broad range of backgrounds were invited to answer questions posed by teams and help position the cases both on June 9th at an event dubbed the Brain Hurricane and during the working week.

    The jury comprised industry and government officials from Canada and The Netherlands. Students pitched their solutions at Ryerson Urban Water Day on June 17th. The winning team was announced at the Canadian Water Summit on June 18th.

    During the program, the students received training on how to make a pitch, and develop and present their solutions. As well, the students visited and receive pitches from water and energy entrepreneurs at the DMZ. The students toured through the RC Harris water treatment facility and had a tour of the Niagara Escarpment and followed the water shed along its route. 

Agenda and related Wetskills Canada 2014 material