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Ryerson Urban Water

The Environmental and Applied Management PhD Students hosted a Symposium called Environmental Optimism and Pessimism: Finding the Balance in Our Future on September 17, 2015. The Symposium featured guest speakers and panel discussions amongst experts such as Bob Willard, Elaine MacDonald, Ron Plain, Theresa MacClenaghan, Martin Halliwel, and Ric Young. The event boasted over 70 registrants and was extremely well received!

The PhD students who planned, organized and facilitated this successful event were: Elaine Ho, Madeleine Martin, Pallavi Roy, Homeira Ekhtari, and Amanda Morris.

Amanda Morris
1) What did you learn from organizing the Symposium?

The solution for our current environmental issues relies on the acceptance of uncertainties. The moment we accept the uncertainties pertaining to innovated technologies and scientific research - which projects environmental conditions - we can take the appropriate risks, and push for a sustainable future.

2) What was your favourite part of organizing the event?

I enjoyed the execution of the Symposium, as it was great to see the outcome of months of preparation for the event.

3) What was the biggest stumbling block you faced in organizing the event?

The biggest stumbling block was managing the finances. For example, obtaining sponsorship, budgeting for the event, and deciding how to allocate money.

4) What advice would you give to other students who would like to organize a similar event?

Decide on specific tasks for each group member. Schedule regular group meetings for updates and to measure progress. Make sure the primary objective is to have a set budget prior to making any decisions. Select versatile speakers, who have different or opposing perspectives.