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Ryerson Urban Water
Canaries in the coal mine: Northern lakes as sentinels of environmental change with Dr. John Smol Jan 21, 2016. Brought to you by Ryerson Urban Water, the Faculty of Science and the Environmental Applied Science and Management graduate program.
Faculty of Science Dean Imogen Coe, Ryerson Urban Water founding-member Dr. Lynda McCarthy and speaker Dr. John Smol

On January 21st, Ryerson Urban Water, the Faculty of Science, and the Environmental Applied Science and Management graduate program hosted the distinguished limnologist Dr. John Smol during a Molecular Science graduate program seminar. Dr. Smol is internationally renowned and is the recent recipient of the prestigious International Ecology Institute’s (ECI) top award for "bringing paleolimnology to bear so effectively on urgent environmental problems."

Imogen Coe, Dean of the Faculty of Science introduced Dr. Smol to a packed room of faculty and graduate students describing him as a leader and a beacon for societal change owing to his tireless commitment to research and communications around environmental challenges such as climate change.

Dr. Smol spoke about his own research and the science of paleoecology being used in northern lakes to detect and assess the impacts and repercussions of globally impactful stressors on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. These stressors included things like climate change, calcium decline and acid rain. Dr. Smol’s lecture was both cautionary and inspiring.