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Ryerson Urban Water
Evergreen Brickworks -TRCA

Photo Courtesy of TRCA

Green infrastructure refers to natural and human-made elements that provide ecological and hydrological functions and processes to address environmental resilience and climate change. Components may include natural systems and heritage features, parklands, storm water management systems, street trees, urban forests, natural channels, permeable surfaces, and green roofs.

As a multi-disciplinary research centre working towards innovative solutions to urban water issues, Ryerson Urban Water supports green infrastructure as a key component of resilient urban development. 

Ryerson Urban Water is partnering with the City of Toronto on various activities to support education and engagement in green infrastructure. For example, special activities are being planned for Fall 2016 including a Youth Hackathon to enable discussion, information sharing, innovation and excitement about green infrastructure.

This part of the Ryerson Urban Water website provides space for information sharing about green infrastructure. The page below illustrates examples of green infrastructure projects in the City of Toronto, Greater Golden Horseshoe Area and North America. 

St. Clair Bioswale

 Green Surface Parking - St. Clair




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