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Ryerson Urban Water

On March 22nd Ecoloodi and Ryerson Urban Water lead a successful Walk4Water to celebrate World Water Day. The Walk4Water was a symbolic 6 km walk to emulate the distance people in developing nations must travel to reach water every day. Participants walked down Yonge Street from St Claire to the waterfront - passing Ryerson University and the Student Learning Centre - during rush hour to raise awareness. Participants included Ryerson faculty, staff, and students, WaterTap Ontario, Water Canada (Canada’s Water Magazine), and The Water Brothers (Tyler and Alex Mifflin)!

The walk was extremely well received, with media covering the event and participants speaking with passersby. The weather was surprisingly cooperative, with cloudy skies, but no rain until the walk was over. The walkers educated those they passed about the issues associated with water and wished them a happy World Water Day! 


Read Jordan Mady's article about the event: