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Ryerson Urban Water

WET Infrastructure: Building Blue and Green is a studio project developed at School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University in accordance with course requirements for Master of Planning, Studio, Fall 2016 supervised by Nina-Marie Lister. Eight graduate students in Urban Planning ran a field studio to The Netherlands and spent a week aboard the Lena Maria, a barge that sailed the Dutch Delta, studying innovations in planning and design for stormwater management in The Netherlands (coastal cities and inland/downstream flood-risk areas alike). The students then worked with the City of Toronto‚Äôs Planning and Urban Design team (Sheila Boudreau and Lisa King) to consider relevant planning applications in WET infrastructure design for Toronto. The results are shown below in a series of 4 highly approachable booklets intended for planners and city managers to communicate, educate and advocate with the public on issues about stormwater management.  Special thanks to Lisa Prime (Prime Strategy and Planning) and Mark Schollen (Schollen and Company Inc) who advised the students.