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Ryerson Urban Water

Film Screening of Accidental Parkland Documentary

The School of Urban and Regional Planning and Ryerson Urban Water invite you to come watch the Film Screening of "Accidental Parkland" Documentary with Director/Producer Dan Berman of Metal Dog Films!
Accidental Parkland is a documentary on the changing nature and sustained value of Toronto’s urban waterways, both the waterfront and ravines.
  • WHAT:
    Film Screening of Accidental Parkland Documentary
  • DATE:
    March 20 2018
  • TIME:
    4:45 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • WHERE:
    AMC Theatres Dundas Square, Theatre 10

AquaHacking Kick-Off Event

Each year, over several months, the AquaHacking Challenge engages with rising gen hackers, engineers and marketers from various universities to create multi-disciplinary teams and develop clean-tech engineering, web and mobile solutions to water issues affecting the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin.
This year, the 4 water issues to be tackled will be revealed at the Kick-off Event on March 21st. They are designed and submitted by organizations who will also provide expert insight to teams to better understanding of issues as well as provide access to relevant data. Each team will also have access to water, programming, AI, engineering, design, data analysis and business strategy mentors, among others.
The expected results are functional, marketable and demand-driven solutions that have a real and measurable impact in solving water issues.
The Great Lakes are under threat. In addition to helping clean up a vital water source, there’s also $50,000 in prizes, spots at local high-tech accelerators/incubators and more up for grabs!
For more information, please visit and register here:

Water Conservation Awareness Drop-In Event

Celebrate World Water Day! Stop by the Student Learning Centre amphitheatre to learn about your water footprint and ways you can help reduce it.
Hosted by the Sustainability Office, this event aims to build awareness about freshwater and what we can do to protect this precious resource.

Sustainability and Urban Water

Three water experts will address the health and sustainability of urban watersheds, a crucial resource for supporting life within cities, by way of a panel discussion and question period.
Carl Mitchell, University of Toronto (Scarborough)
Duncan Boyd, D.A. Boyd Associates, Former Supervisor, Great Lakes Monitoring, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Jennifer Bonnell, York University
Refreshments and networking to follow.

There are a number of tips you can follow to save and protect our waterways:


  • Take five-minute showers.
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
  • Install low-flush toilets.


  • Use one drinking glass or reusable water bottle each day.
  • Keep a pitcher of drinking water in the fridge.
  • Use a small basin of water to wash fruit and vegetables.


  • Direct downspouts to planted areas.
  • Create a rain garden.
  • Use organic mulch to protect plants and reduce watering.


  • Volunteer with organizations that protect local waterways and shorelines by planting native plants.
  • Do not dispose of chemicals or household waste such as paint in drains or sewers. Instead, contact your municipality about proper disposal.
  • Clear roadside sewer grates of snow, debris and leaves, if safe to do so.