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Ryerson Urban Water
Water Mixer

Establishing collaborations between multi-disciplinary university researchers and water technology sector professionals is key in developing real-world water solutions. Ryerson Urban Water (RUW) and Ryerson’s Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation hosted a mixer to share expertise, build bridges, and foster a culture of partnership toward potential advancements in the field.

On April 5th, the mixer welcomed Ryerson researchers as well as government and industry experts within the water landscape. Ryerson researchers presented their work and ongoing research programs, followed by a networking reception where industry and government stakeholders described their various interests, challenges and opportunities for collaboration.

The researchers spoke on multi-disciplinary topics including innovative water quality testing methods, wetlands remediation, green roof technologies, impacts of urban pollution on watersheds, impacts of acoustic pollution on water bodies, hydrology and flow efficiency in urban water systems, and integrated urban water management strategies.

The event was attended by approximately one-hundred participants including industry, provincial and municipal organizations, conservation authorities, non-profits, and funding agencies.   

RUW Strategic Plan 2017 - 2022

Ryerson Urban Water’s Five-Year Strategic Plan Unveiled 

As part of the mixer RUW launched its five-year strategic plan.

According to Nick Reid, Executive Director of RUW, “the role of Ryerson Urban Water is to provide solutions that ensure a healthy urban water cycle through research, education, and effective policy implementation”.

Over the next 5 years, activities and projects will be guided by strategic goals that target: excellence in applied research, innovation in water education, policy advice to all levels of government, coalescence of Think Tank knowledge, incubation and commercialization of RUW innovations, and a sustained funding model. Through these goals, Ryerson Urban Water aims to become Canada’s preeminent institution on urban water issues and an international leader in sustainable, holistic urban water management. 

For a full version of the strategic plan click here.

Angela Murphy and Nicholas Reid

Angela Murphy Recognized for Supporting Water Researchers and Stakeholders

Diverting from the agenda, Nick surprised the crowd by acknowledging the hard work of Angela Murphy, Manager of Research and Partnerships of RUW. He began by stating, “A big reason I enjoy working at Ryerson is because of its diversity, inclusion, and employee recognition.” He described “Last Fall, I obtained 5 letters of support from internal and external stakeholders to nominate Ms. Murphy for an award recognizing Excellence in Client Service. The letters all echoed a glowing sentiment perhaps best expressed through a letter received from Anne van Leeuwen, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Bear with me while I read one passage:

The dedication that Ms. Murphy displays in professional matters extends to every activity she undertakes with an enthusiasm that is inspiring to all that work with her. Her social conscience together with her creative and effective approach makes it a pleasure to work with her in the secure knowledge that the expected goals will be achieved in a timely manner …I can think of no one more deserving of this award than Ms. Murphy.”

As a tangible memento of her nomination Nick offered his congratulations and presented Ms. Murphy with the Consul General’s original framed letter.