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Claire Oswald

Academic Director
DepartmentUrban Water Research Centre
EducationBSc, MSc, PhD
Memberships/ServicesCanadian Geophysical Union
OfficeRyerson University

Dr. Oswald is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Ryerson University and the interim Academic Director of the Ryerson Urban Water research centre. Dr. Oswald’s research is inherently interdisciplinary but can be broadly categorized under the umbrellas of “watershed hydrology” and “watershed biogeochemistry”. She takes a combined field + laboratory + modelling approach and has worked across Canada, from the pristine Boreal forest, to the Alberta Oil Sand Region, to urbanizing watersheds in southern Ontario. She applies tools such as hydrograph analysis, geochemical and water isotopes tracers, and geospatial analysis to understand hydrologic and landscape controls on contaminant fate and transport in small- and meso-scale watersheds. Since joining Ryerson, her group has undertaken exciting research on chloride pollution from road salting, the influence of stormwater management ponds on hydrologic transit times and chloride transport, and the environmental benefits of anti-icing on private properties (recognized with a 2019 Water’s Next (Academia) Award from Water Canada). Currently, Dr. Oswald is also leading a project to develop a wastewater surveillance monitoring network in the City of Toronto to provide complimentary information to public health on the spread of COVID-19.