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Ryerson Urban Water

Ontario has been blessed with an abundance of water and our economy depends on the long-term sustainability of this critical resource.  From agriculture to manufacturing to extractives sectors, our industries rely on the longevity of sufficient water quantity and quality. Healthy cities depend on healthy urban water strategies.

The three pillars of the water group: Research, Education & Policy.  

The objectives of the water group are the following:

  • Advance the understanding and provide solutions for urban water issues using a holistic approach that includes a range of disciplines in the natural and social sciences, engineering, and education.
  • Educate the public, industry and government on urban water issues through educational programs, community outreach and training.
  • Provide a platform/forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on urban water issues for the general public, scientists, engineers, industry, policy makers, and the different levels of government.


Click to view Ryerson Urban Water's Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Claire Oswald and Stephanie Melles
Lynda McCarthy and Michal Bardecki
Hitesh Doshi