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Ryerson Urban Water

Scientists are dueling over whether waste from human excrement should be disposed of on farm land, a common practice in parts of Southwestern Ontario

- John Miner ~ The London Free Press, August 28

Canadian Researchers Responds to Biosolids Hysteria

- Dr. L.H. McCarthy et al. ~ Water Canada, August 12

Biosolids - Wasting a valuable resource or being resourceful with a valuable "waste"?

- Dr. L.H. McCarthy et al. ~ Nasdaq GlobeNewswire, August 10

Social Science Needed for Health of Great Lakes

- Carolyn Johns ~ RU Research and Innovation Newsletter, Issue 20, March/April 2016

Ryerson Urban Water Marches for World Water Day

- Jordan Mady ~ Ryersonian, April 8

Ryerson Urban Water Joins Not-For-Profits to Celebrate World Water Day on Yonge St.

- Jordan Mady ~ Ryerson Journalism Student, March 25 

Ryerson celebrates World Water Day with Walk4Water

- Courtney Miceli ~ Ryersonian, March 22

Ryerson University Professors Teach Students About Water by 3D Printing It

- Clare Scott ~ 3D Print, January 29

Ryerson University professors create 3D models of bodies of water

- Noushin Ziafati ~ Eyeopener, January 27

Ryerson benefits from $12 million pledge to Southern Ontario Water Consortium

- Samantha Tapp ~ Ryersonian, January 27

Ryerson’s Researchers Are Solving Urban Water Challenges

- Southern Ontario Water Consortium ~ December 11

Schoolin' Life: Are we doing enough to educate water professionals?

- Dr. Mike Bardecki ~ Water Canada, May/June

What is the Ryerson Urban Water Group?

- Dr. Imogen Coe and Dr. Lynda McCarthy ~ Water Canada, May/June

Two RUW members crouch for a photo on Lake Devo