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Stephanie Melles is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biology at Ryerson University. Dr. Melles graduated with a BSc in Ecology from University of Toronto, an MSc in Landscape Ecology from University of British Columbia, and a PhD in Spatial Ecology from University of Toronto. Dr. Melles has post doctoral research experience in both academic and government settings (Wageningen University, the Netherlands, Canadian Network for Aquatic Ecosystem Services at University of Toronto, NSERC Visiting Fellowship at Environment Canada, and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry at Trent University).

Stephanie is primarily interested in the question of what determines where organisms are located, both on land and in the water. Her research is focused on understanding the principle ecological drivers of dynamic species distribution and diversity patterns across a range of spatial-temporal scales.  She combines field-based observation with theoretical modelling and statistical simulation to unravel current and past ecological drivers of diversity. Dr. Melles is most interested in studies of how humans observe, modify, and control patterns of species distribution and diversity in different ecosystem types (e.g., urban lands and waters, rivers, lakes, forested, and agricultural systems).

Stephanie’s current work focuses on determining how climate change, urbanization, and invasive species lead to altered communities and extinctions across scales, which can have dramatic consequences for ecosystem diversity. She is also interested in how sampling design affects inference and the design of more (cost) effective sampling strategies.

Mercury Data (Click on link below for details)

Testing Theoretical Expectations that Climate Change Mediated Trophic Shifts will Impact Food Fish Mercury Levels in Inland Lakes

(Best in Science Fund $99,600; Pl: Stephanie Melles; co-PI: Dr. Shyam Thomas)

Duration: 2017-2020

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Drs Claire Oswald and Stephanie Melles

Longitudinal Assessment of Water Quality During Low and High Flow Conditions Along Innisfil Creek

(Environment Canada Lake Simcoe-Southeastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund grant $98,484; co-PIs: Stephanie Melles and Claire Oswald; collaborators: Christopher Wellen - University of Windsor/Ryerson University, Merrin Macrae - University of Waterloo)

Duration: 2016-2017

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Fish Mercury Pollution in Ontario (Click on link below for details)

Understanding how Fish Contaminants Vary Throughout Ontario using Spatial and Spatio-temporal Statistics

(NSERC Engage Grant $25,000; PI: Stephanie Melles; Co-PI: Dr. Shyam Thomas; collaborators: Satyendra Bhavsar – MOECC, Patrick Cieslar, Eric Tietz, Tim Sutherns – Eramosa Engineering)

Duration: Aug 2016 - Feb 2017

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Dr Melles with her Graduate Student

Building a Geospatial Database for Assessing Effects of Multiple Stressors on Inland Lakes

(Mitacs Accelerate Grant $15,000; Pl: Stephanie Melles; collaborators: Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations)

Duration: Summer - Fall, 2016

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