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Prepare to transition. Review the checklist!

Moving to the Touch User Interface   

Need to know

AEM is moving to a new user interface called the Touch User Interface (UI). This change will affect how users access, edit and publish their content. The Touch UI will replace our current user interface (Classic UI).

Get ready to transition

If you are a site owner, or a content editor/author, here is a checklist of items to review for the upcoming transition to the Touch UI.

Individual, or group site transitions

  • Not all websites will transition to touch at the same time.
  • Site owners must request a date for their transition.
  • If a user belongs to more than one site, all sites they belong to MUST transition to touch at the same time.
  • When all users of your site(s) have completed Touch UI training, request a transition to touch.

Training options

  • If you have already completed the original responsive training course in D2L, you should have been added directly to the new AEM Touch UI Training course
  • If you are a new AEM user, register for responsive training; you will also be added to Touch training; 
  • If you are a new user for a site that has already transitioned to touch, please register for the AEM Touch UI Training course.

Content changes on web support site

The training and transition to the Touch UI will be rolled out in phases throughout the year.

During this period instructions will be available for the Touch User Interface and the Classic User Interface.

Touch UI instructions, tips and tutorials will be the primary focus on this site moving forward.

We anticipate new users will be added to AEM sites while the Classic UI is still available. Classic UI instructions will be kept on the Web Support site until the transition to the Touch UI is complete.

Classic UI tutorials and instructions:

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Important dates

Deadline to convert legacy to responsive May 31, 2021 
Touch training Available now  
Timeline to transition July 9 - October 14, 2021
Last day to transition October 14, 2021

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