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Vanity URL

Vanity URLs are customized short URLs, created to redirect users to a page deeper within your site.

Vanity URLs are generally used for marketing purposes because they are shorter, easier to remember and easier to type.

Vanity URL:
Page location
  1. Open the Page Properties of the page i.e. The destination file for the vanity URL.
  2. Expand Vanity URL option near the bottom

  3. Click "Add Item"
  4. If you want the vanity redirect to be, type in your vanity URL like this: /focusforward
  5. Recommended: Select the checkbox next to Redirect Vanity URL (to prevent URL masking)
  6. Click OK
  7. Activate page
  8. Go to a browser and test your vanity URL . In this case, the vanity URL is
  9. You should now be redirected to the actual destination page   

If your content has moved, you should not use a vanity URL. Use a redirect instead.

Find out what type of redirect you need.